Reader: A Food Hall Is a Food Court...a Fancy Food CourtEXPAND
The Source Hotel + Marketplace

Reader: A Food Hall Is a Food Court...a Fancy Food Court

If your vision of a food court is the old Yum Yum Tree, you haven't been out lately. New food halls are popping up all over, with many more to come, as Mark Antonation detailed in his complete guide to Denver food halls.

The Source started the modern food-hall movement in Denver when it opened at 3350 Brighton Boulevard in 2013 with two full-service restaurants as well as specialty shops; this year it doubled up with the Source Hotel & Marketplace. Also joining the lineup this year were Zeppelin Station and Milk Market, joining a lineup that already included Avanti Food & Beverage, the Denver Central Market and Stanley Marketplace.

Edgewater is getting a food hall, and Golden is slated for two. And several more are rumored to be coming to Denver.

Says Kathleen:

 Go to the Reading Terminal in Philly. THAT is a food hall.

Adds Derek: 

The Banh Mi shop in Zeppelin Station has one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten.

Notes Pilar:

 The only disappointment has been Milk Market. Love the concept, the staff and setting, but have yet to find anything delicious worth going back for. The cocktail bar, wine bar and beer selections are great, but the food is mediocre at best.

Comments Craig: 

There’s a lotta hipsters in Denver. I doubt we’ve hit saturation point. What we really need is more modern apartment buildings with all kinds of amenities. Oh, and more townhouses that take up every square inch of the lot they’re on; those are my fave...except, of course, the weekend “gatherings” on I-70.

Concludes Toni: 

Food hall is fancy for food court...fancy food court. Not so unique.

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Reader: A Food Hall Is a Food Court...a Fancy Food CourtEXPAND
Danielle Lirette

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Reader: A Food Hall Is a Food Court...a Fancy Food Court
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Reader: A Food Hall Is a Food Court...a Fancy Food Court
Danielle Lirette

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Reader: A Food Hall Is a Food Court...a Fancy Food Court
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"Tony's on Broadway to Become New  Food Hall From Stanley Developer"

And that's just the beginning. In development, with the possibility of opening before the end of 2018, are Broadway Market, which is taking over the space at 950 Broadway vacated by Tony's Market, and Happy Canyon Wine & Market, where a new Tony's Market will be one of several food and beverage purveyors.

Even tiny Edgewater is getting in on the act. A former Kings Soopers at West 20th Avenue and Depew Street that has been vacant for years will be redeveloped into a multi-vendor food hall and shopping center called Edgewater Public Market, which could open as early as next summer.  And Golden will be the beneficiary of two upcoming conglomerations: Tributary and Golden Mill. Other food halls are rumored to be in the works around the metro area, too.

What do you think of this new trend? What are your favorites? Post a comment or share your thoughts at cafe@westword.com. And if you have memories of the Yum Yum Tree (or even a photo!), we want to hear from you.

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