Reader: Is There a Chain on the Planet That Hasn't Come to Denver?EXPAND
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Is There a Chain on the Planet That Hasn't Come to Denver?

Restaurants are continuing to open in Denver at a fast pace, with many of the ventures brought here by out-of-state chains. Shake Shack opened last month to long lines in RiNo, just a block away from where people protested gentrification in December. Uchi, an Austin sushi sensation, will soon open a Denver outpost not far from Shake Shack, at 2501 Lawrence.

This influx has some Denver residents worried that Denver is becoming as "pretentious as hell." Says Robert:

 I love you, Denver, but that's the same road Austin went down. You think you're pretentious and overhyped now?  Wait until In-N-Out opens.

Asks Dave:

 Is there a chain on the planet that hasn't or isn't planning on moving to Denver?

Responds Michael: 

Only fair, er, fare, I guess, what with so many Colorado concepts now chains that have expanded out of state. Snooze, Snarf's, SmashBurger, Chipotle, the list goes on and on. What we need is Little Diner in Vail to come to Denver!

Adds Blaine:

 I’d rather have the fat pockets spending fat dough to open super bleh burger joints to eventually close and stimulate our economy rather than not. Let em come, spend their money, close up shop and let a dive bar open in the skeleton.

Concludes Anthony: 

Every ten dollars you spend on a yuppie burger could have been spent on a local business that will keep the money in town. I will never understand this town's obsession with trendy burger joints but seriously, go eat at a nice sushi place run by a local family, or get a smothered burrito at a Mexican place. Burgers are lame; it is literally one of the cheapest types of food you can eat.

Keep reading for more of our chain-gang coverage.

Green Chile CheddarShack, just for you, Denver.
Green Chile CheddarShack, just for you, Denver.
Mark Antonation

"Reader: Denver Is Becoming as Pretentious as Hell"

Reader: Is There a Chain on the Planet That Hasn't Come to Denver? (4)EXPAND
Danielle Lirette

"First Look: Burger Lovers Descend on Shake Shack"

The original Uchi in Austin.
The original Uchi in Austin.

"Austin Sensation Uchi Will Soon Sprout in RiNo"

Uchi staffers are in Denver this weekend, holding a series of pop-ups to give Denver diners a taste of what to expect when the restaurant comes to town. And yes, In-N-Out is on its way here, too.

Meanwhile, local restaurateurs continue to explore new ventures, even as they worry about rising rents and the difficulty in hiring kitchen staff. And, of course, competition from out-of-town companies with deep pockets.

What do you think of the changes in the Denver dining scene? Do you make a point of patronizing homegrown restaurants? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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