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Reader: What Go-To Restaurant Will Go Next?

El Tepehuan just announced that it will close on December 31.
El Tepehuan is closing after 45 years and two locations.
El Tepehuan is closing after 45 years and two locations. Mark Antonation
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Jose Corral founded El Tepehuan at 3457 South Broadway in 1978. "Many still remember him fondly, as he brought the warmth of Mexican culture and delicious Mexican food to Englewood," says his grandson Miguel Corral. "In 1987, Jose passed away in a tragic car accident, and Graciela took over the business and continued to run it successfully for another 36 years."

Over those years, Graciela, Joe's widow, expanded the restaurant and then moved it to a new location just down the street, at 3495 South Broadway. But now she's ready to retire, so she's selling both the business and the building; El Tepehuan will close on December 31. "Graciela would like to thank all of her customers from the bottom of her heart," Miguel adds. "Because of their loyal patronage, she was able to provide a good life to her children and grandchildren. She would like to spend more time with her family, travel, and enjoy retirement."

Although loyal fans wish her well, they're going to miss El Tep, judging from their comments on the Westword Facebook page. Says Dan:
No!!!! Not another great spot!
Adds Greg:
Bummer! First place I ever had green chile when I moved here from Indiana in 1992. “You want that smothered with red or green?” Red or green what, I asked? “Chile” she replied. I was appalled, GREEN chili?!? Lol.
Comments Barbara:
Sad! I enjoyed the food and the mariachis!
Recalls Mac:
I moved away from Denver in 2004, and almost all my places are gone now. I think Pete's Kitchen is still making those Gyro Melts on Colfax. Also, Lecheuga's for the sausage cannoli.
Responds Richard:
A rough business to run year after year. So many of the old-school places I loved are gone now.
Pete’s has an amazing track history for sure. My biggest hurt would have to be Famous Pizza @ 98 S. Broadway.
Concludes Sarah: 
This was one of my long-time go-tos for green chile. With Denver changing so fast, what go-to will go next?
What's your go-to spot for Mexican food? Green chile? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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