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Reader: Green Chile Was My Favorite Denver Discovery

Reader: Green Chile Was My Favorite Denver Discovery
Evan Semón
It's chile season, and this week Westword served up its annual guide to the best green chile in Denver, served at spots ranging from old standby La Fiesta to an unlikely newcomer, the Brutal Poodle.

And once again, our list inspired a heated discussion in the comments on the Westword Facebook page, with readers serving up their favorites and a few misguided gourmands sticking with the version found in New Mexico, not one of the delicious Den-Mex variations. Says Daniel: 
How you not gonna mention Chubby's at all? Dumb.
Adds Rocky: 
Didn't see Santiago's, either.
Notes Josh: 
Two places that have great green chile that you wouldn’t expect are Cherry Cricket and Blake Street Tavern.

Suggests Dave: 
Sam's No. 3  (any of the locations) belongs on this list, and Annie's Cafe (same recipe).
Responds Stacy: 
Thank God you didn't put Sam's on that list. Most overrated green chile in Denver.
Offers Floyd: 
The Brewery Bar! Their green is as hot entering your body as it is leaving your body. Not for the faint of heart.
Wonders John: 
Chile Verde on Federal not at the top of this list? Without it. you have to question the whole thing. Chile Verde is a family restaurant that produces the best Mexican food in the area, and supreme  green chile dishes.
Says Susie: 
Green chile was my favorite discovery when I moved here. But why aren't there more places in north Denver on this list?
And then there's this from Allen:
No such thing In Denver…got to drive 200 miles south to New Mexico!
Short of heading to New Mexico, where do you go when you want great green chile? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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