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Reader: If That's a New York-Style Bodega, Where's the Cat?

Little Bodega is open in Five Points after months of planning.
Little Bodega is open in Five Points after months of planning. Kristin Pazulski
Little Bodega opened earlier this month at 613 22nd Street, after months of planning. The new Five Points store has a smattering of everything you might need from a corner store, including household items such as toilet paper and toothpaste, snacks ranging from Clif Bars to ice cream, canned goods and instant soups. There's also a sandwich counter, with both classic items and a veg option.

The shelves are well stocked, but with room to add items as customers request them. “My plan is to listen to the neighborhood,” says owner Natasha Butler.

And in their comments on the Westword Facebook post about Little Bodega's opening, customers have plenty to offer. Says Jessica:
Well done and much needed in this area. I hope more pop up around town. I miss my NYC delis.
Responds Summer:
Not even close. Bodegas exist only on the East Coast. They cater to their community needs with products and operating hours. Stop calling them bodegas. Empty store windows, yet bodegas are stocked to the brim.
Adds Jeffrey:
I wish them continued success, but I also wish people would stop trying to say New York style. Been in there twice; it’s not New York style. I grew up eating and spending many days in bodegas. That’s not a New York bodega, but I wish them luck.  Keep your heads up: Let's try to open stuff in Denver that's original.
Counters Josh:
Denver is definitely lacking more “bodega” style spots, especially open early/late.
Notes Heather:
If I can’t get a bacon egg and cheese and a Yoo-hoo at 3 a.m...
Concludes Jose: 
There's only one NYC and no imitation. I'm rotting in Nevada, dying for bodega. That's why I go to NYC at least every couple of years. If that's a bodega, then where's the cat?
We'll check on the cat. In the meantime, have you visited Little Bodega? What other neighborhood markets have you found around town? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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