Every Restaurant and Bar Opening and Closing This Week

Ultreia is now jamón-ing it up at Union Station.
Ultreia is now jamón-ing it up at Union Station. Danielle Lirette
Our metabolisms are slowing down, but our appetites aren't. Thank God more restaurants keep cropping up to keep us fed and watered. Topping the list this week is Ultreia, the sumptuous new Iberian eatery in Union Station from the owners of Rioja and nearby Stoic & Genuine. On the casual side, fried-chicken sandwiches are making a flap in Arvada with the opening of another Yellowbelly Chicken from the company that got its start in Vail. There's more beer here, too: Alternation Brewing Company joined the South Broadway suds battle with a handful of new brews on tap.

Despite the popularity of breakfast, brunch and brunch drinking in Denver, DJ's Berkeley Cafe and its younger sibling, DJ's 9th Avenue Cafe, both called it quits. Here's our complete list of openings and closings for the week of December 4 through December 10, 2017, plus links to our full coverage below.

Restaurants and Bars Opening This Week*
Alternation Brewing Company, 1539 South Broadway
ClusterTruck (delivery only)
Ultreia, 1701 Wynkoop Street
Volcano Tea House, 2781 South Parker Road, Aurora
Yellowbelly Chicken, 2450 West 52nd Avenue, Arvada

Restaurants and Bars Closing This Week*
DJ's 9th Avenue Cafe, 875 Lincoln Street
DJ's Berkeley Cafe, 3838 Tennyson Street

*Or earlier, and not previously reported.

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