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Reader: One of the Cool Things About Dining Out Is the Discovery of New Places

Inside the Denver Diner, pre-pandemic.
Inside the Denver Diner, pre-pandemic. Kenzie Bruce
The desire to lament the places we've lost is understandable — and Denver's dining scene has lost a lot of spots since the pandemic began, some of them longtime landmarks like Tom's Diner and the Denver Diner (whose sign was saved, at least), others newer finds, such as Owlbear.

This week, Molly Martin served up replacements for some closed favorites. In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of that piece, readers dish up more suggestions. Says Dave:
One of the cool things about dining out is the discovery of new places and new chefs banging out great food. I always look at discovering new places as an opportunity to become that "regular," which makes your favorite places mainstays, for years.

Trends come. Trends wane, but the simple luxury of finding a place that feels like yours is why we dine out in the first place.
Admits James:
I miss the Denver Diner.
Responds Daniel:
Plain and simple, there are no good diners anymore. Everything has got so fancy and over-priced. I understand everything has gone up in price, but a good classic diner? Simple menu, good food, boom.
Counters Trish:
Breakfast Queen on South Broadway, just north of Hampden. I ordered the Breakfast Queen Supreme, pretty standard diner breakfast, and was amazed at the amount of food, all of it delish. Classic diner vibe. I will go back for sure! 
Wonders Jim:
Where's a good replacement for Bonnie Brae pizza?
Answers John: 
Big Bill's, County Line Road at South Holly Street.
Suggests KJ: 
Try Angelo's at Sixth and Washington.
Notes Ben:
No replacement for El Chapultepec, though.
Concludes Kathleen:
I miss Racines most of all.
What restaurants do you miss? What new dining discoveries have you made? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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