Denver Restaurant Week story: Dinner at SALT, with a NASCAR side show

There's still more than a week to go in Denver Restaurant Week, and just reading the comments that diners have posted about their DRW experiences has made us very, very hungry, as we salivate over the descriptions of great meals at Trillium, 1515, TAG and many others.

But this round -- and the gift certificate to Ocean Prime or Mataam Fez -- goes to John O., for this description of his visit to SALT:

Went to SALT in Boulder for the first time ever - we had been unable to get a table for last year's Restaurant Week. This year - aha! we were sneaky and planned ahead by making reservations in advance! Living in the Tech Center, Boulder seems like a world away and I'll admit, I am not a road trip person. I consider the 7 mile drive to work a road trip, to give you perspective. Anyway, at least the drive was scenic. We arrived around 5 for a 6:00 dinner and grabbed a margarita at the restaurant/bar next door to SALT. Great margarita, but it makes me wonder when you see a staff member bringing in 8 coffees from another place. Hmmmm. Anyway, the cowbell rang for our reservation and we headed to SALT. The receptionist who greeted us reminded me of the hostess from Claw from the movie "Date Night"...sweet, but there was a tiger lurking. I chose the white bean soup (lukewarm), the spare ribs and a fantastic dessert of chocolate, caramel and peanut butter ice cream! Being my first time there, I'll admit I loved the ambience of the small restaurant - sitting at the end of my table, I was party to a wind machine of waiters and waitresses whooshing by with plates from the kitchen. The clunky sounds of a hardwood floor at least let me know they were coming! Our waitress was a very sweet gal who was very attentive, but I wonder if she incurred her black eye dodging the Nascar 500 that was occurring in the aisle next to me. Perhaps that's why my soup was cool? Dunno. Anyway, I'd totally go again - the food was good and my company was the best!

John O., e-mail cafe@westword.com with your mailing address -- and whether you'd rather have the $52.80 certificate for Ocean Prime or Mataam Fez.

Everyone else, watch for another contest here later today. And in meantime, whet your appetite by reading descriptions of other DRW dinners here.

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