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Reader: Loosening Liquor Laws to Help Businesses? I'll Drink to That!

Noble Riot was one of the best bars to open in 2019, and it's open for takeout...and good works.
Noble Riot was one of the best bars to open in 2019, and it's open for takeout...and good works. Mark Antonation
What a wild week for this state's restaurants and bars! On Monday, Mayor Michael Hancock ordered all restaurants and bars in Denver closed for all but pickup, drive-thru and delivery service, as of March 17. Later that day, Governor Jared Polis ordered all restaurants and bars across the entire state closed for a month, except for those that offer takeout and delivery; he later extended that order through April 30.

And yet another Polis order issued on March 20 expanded the services that restaurants/bars are able to offer to include liquor pick-up/delivery...a big boon for businesses trying to pay at least some of their bills.

Says Joan: 
He understands our suffering. 
Responds Jeffrey: 
What a cool governor. Easing the pain a little.
Notes Cole: 
Well, as they say, a neat mid-day keeps the doctor away... right?
Adds Sam: 
Send a couple Jack and cokes over with that burger....
Replies Lil: 
Loosening liquor laws to help local businesses? I'll drink to that!
But Kinga counters: 
Nonsense! Let me have double whiskey on the rocks, pay $20 and go home. What a great bar experience. I can’t wait to go back! Just to double pay for the same whisky from Argonaut (to get a bottle) and get it in a sippy cup to go. What a brilliant idea!
And Clinton wonders:
 When could we not get alcohol delivered, am I stupid?
Explains Stephen:
I believe it expands that to restaurants that didn’t fall under those licensing requirements before, and the main goal being to help more of these businesses stretch to stay afloat two to three months from now if they can, so then there aren’t too many closures and jobs for the service industry workers to come back to. Small steps, but good ones for sure.
And Kim wonders: 
Okay, where is the weed delivery? Boulder has one..
Boulder does indeed have one weed delivery permit for MMJ.  Last session, the Colorado Legislature approved medical marijuana deliveries in 2020, extending to rec in 2012...for municipalities that have a law on the books allowing it. Boulder did, Denver does Denver officials are the ones who need to make the next move.

In the meantime, Polis issued an order on March 20 that he was allowing curbside pick-up at dispensaries, which remain open.

His order temporarily changing liquor rules for restaurants was issued the same day, and quickly welcomed by beleaguered eateries. What did you think of the move? Have you tried any of the services? Post a comment or email [email protected], and see our list of restaurants/bars that are open for takeout and delivery (with or without liquor) here.
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