Adding fresh pasta to lamb ragu at Cattivella.
Adding fresh pasta to lamb ragu at Cattivella.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Restaurants Focus Too Much on Food, Not on Dining Experience

For her current review, Gretchen Kurtz ventured to Eastbridge Stapleton, the new complex on the edge of Aurora where Elise Wiggins has opened Cattivella, the first restaurant she can call her own. The food is a twist on classic Italian, and while some dishes earned raves, Kurtz found that service snafus sometimes interrupted the flow of a meal. And Julie agrees: 

I will follow Elise Wiggins wherever she goes....even to the edge of Aurora at Eastbridge Stapleton. No matter where she is, her food is always fabulous. I will admit I was a little disappointed by the service at Cativella, though.

Adds Jake: 


And then there's this from Christine:

 With few exceptions, service is always the biggest issue with every restaurant I've patronized in Denver. Restaurants seem to be focused on the food and not even considering the dining experience they are providing to their guests. It's almost as if they feel you should be grateful to be dining there, so service doesn't matter. It's very disappointing.

What kind of service snafus have you encountered in Denver?

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