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Reader: With RiNo Roadblocks, Transplants Will Have to Brunch Elsewhere!

Reader: With RiNo Roadblocks, Transplants Will Have to Brunch Elsewhere!
Mark Antonation
The businesses along RiNo have put up with a traffic-crippling construction project on Brighton Boulevard for more than a year, and just when the end seems in sight, another closure puts up another roadblock for would-be visitors. RiNo is hot, but business owners also got hot when they learned the road would be closed entirely for the first weekend in May, when Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo revelers are out on the town.

Responds Jason: 
 Shucks. There's almost nowhere else in Denver to get a $16 salad. Oh, wait...there's everywhere.
Adds Belteshazzar:
 Good— make way for affordable housing. Bye, hipster white eateries!
But then there's this from Jay:  
Just went to the Rino District the other day to have dinner. I don't know what everyone's complaining about; I thought it was fantastic. Beautiful new apartments, lots of hip restaurants and shops. Thirty years ago, it was skid row and pawn shops.
Marty doesn't see it: 
I pity the transplants who will have to find somewhere else to brunch this weekend.
And Ryan concludes with this: 
Your ancestors were transplants when they took the land from real natives. There's no such thing as a white Coloradan who isn't a transplant.
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