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Denver Yelp reviews: Pete Marczyk reads Marczyk Fine Foods' strangest on video

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a beloved restaurant, brewery or shop in possession of a good reputation also has no shortage of negative Yelp reviews. Denver's best (and worst) have been served with plenty of them, with Yelpers yapping about everything from bad service to bad salsa, bad signage to bad attitudes. But real pros not only get bad reviews, they learn to take them in stride...and often good humor.

That stance inspired this new, and very occasional, series featuring metro-area restaurateurs, brewers and shop-owners reading their own Yelp reviews -- on camera, a la the YouTube trend. First to step up to the plate: Pete Marczyk, co-owner of Marczyk Fine Foods (and a very good sport).

Pete Marczyk, reading Marczyk Fine Foods'strangest Yelp reviews.

Continue reading for the full video.

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Yelp Reviews of Marczyk Fine Foods: As read by chef and owner Pete Marczyk

Now it's your turn: What do you think of the two Marczyk markets? Leave your own review of the shops here, and tell us what you think of Pete's reading below.

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