The Six Best Events on the Culinary Calendar This Week

Don't worry: Dinner at Urban Farmer won't be based on a basket of mystery ingredients.
Don't worry: Dinner at Urban Farmer won't be based on a basket of mystery ingredients. Danielle Lirette
The culinary calendar is loaded with spicy wings, a Supreme Court justice, skiing and stout. Serve yourself at one of our six favorite food and drink events this week, and keep reading for more dates to remember.

Monday, January 29
Think you're tough? Prove it at Denver Deep Dish, 1200 West 38th Avenue, on Monday, January 29. From 7 to 9 p.m., the joint is holding a Spice Challenge with help from Flatiron Spice Co. For a $15 entry fee, you'll have the chance to polish off four chicken wings prepared with three different spice blends: hot (chipotle, ghost and habanero peppers), hotter (chipotle, jalapeño and scorpion chiles) and hottest (chipotle, ghost and Carolina Reaper peppers). Prizes will be awarded to the intrepid chile chompers who complete each level, and word on the street is there may be a fourth wing level with an as-yet-undisclosed, super-secret, super-hot spice rub. Call 720-619-3337 to sign up or go to DDD's Facebook page for more info — and get ready to defend your fiery rep.

click to enlarge Drink every time this guy opens his mouth. - BRANDON MARSHALL
Drink every time this guy opens his mouth.
Brandon Marshall
Tuesday, January 30
Donald Trump has certainly been a major factor in every American drink consumed between November 8, 2016, and this writing — every incomprehensible tweet and vulgar statement brings with it the urge to block it all out with just one more shot. Walter's 303 Pizzeria & Publick House, 1906 Pearl Street, is capitalizing on the zeitgeist with its Impeach Vodka and State of the Union Bingo on Tuesday, January 30. From 6 to 9 p.m., stop in for themed drinks with anti-Trump names like Peach Russian/The Influencer, Bankrupt Ass and Mor on Lago, and Bingo cards with categories like The Wall, Fake News, Obamacare and, of course, Hillary, while the Commander in Chief holds TV audiences (not to mention the entire nation) hostage with garbled sentences and really, really bad hair. It's official: Trump is why you drink.

Wednesday, January 31
On Wednesday, January 31, do something slightly more stimulating than drinking beer and scouring the Internet for escapist entertainment that's a step above Netflix originals (we're looking at you, Bright). Halfpenny Brewing, 5150 East Arapahoe Road, is hosting Arapahoe Library's monthly Books on Tap meeting at 7 p.m., and this month's tome is the fourth-wave feminist classic Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
There's no need to RSVP; just show up for drinks (including a new beer brewed specially for the meeting) and discussion of everyone's favorite Supreme Court justice. Visit for details and information about future meetings and February's book, The Poisoner's Handbook, which promises to be full of helpful guidelines for all sorts of situations.

click to enlarge STK's one-year anniversary will have you dancing on the tables, too. - DANIELLE LIRETTE
STK's one-year anniversary will have you dancing on the tables, too.
Danielle Lirette
Thursday, February 1
Chef Chris Starkus of Urban Farmer, 1659 Wazee Street, is teaming up with Portland chef and restaurant owner Stacey Givens to kick off the restaurant's first Chef in Residence dinner on Thursday, February 1. Starkus and Givens met when they competed on an episode of Chopped, where they first recognized their mutual passion for cooking while creating haute cuisine out of weird ingredients. Luckily, the tasting menu cooked up by the two chefs should be much more refined, and is being served at 5 p.m. on Thursday and Friday for $85. Menu highlights include potato-wrapped sole with nasturtium capers and marigold oil, and tri-tip fried in tallow. To cap off the weekend, the two will host a Q&A brunch on Saturday, February 3, at 11 a.m. for just $29. Visit to make your reservation.

STK, 1550 Market Street, is celebrating its first anniversary on Thursday, February 1, by transforming from a clubby, neon-bathed "steakhouse" to an après-ski lodge perfect for snow bunnies to see and be seen. For $15.50, guests can enjoy an open bar from 7 to 9 p.m.; shot skis and an ice luge will also be available for those who want to maximize their drinking while minimizing their dignity. To find out more and score your ticket, visit the restaurant's Facebook page.

Friday, February 2
Technically, Mountain Sun's Stout Month started on the first of the month, but a school night is a less than optimal time to start a serious exploration of the black beer that will be taking over all five Sun locations for the month of February. So start your weekend off right on Friday, February 2, with a taproom visit to this longstanding local tradition celebrating its silver anniversary this year. Thirty Mountain Sun stouts will be on tap throughout the month, and suds from another 26 Colorado breweries will make appearances. That's a lot of beer to drink, so get started early with a few pints of everybody's favorite inky brew — and if stout isn't your preferred style yet, it's high time you got over your bias against dark beer. With offerings like Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout and Two-Alarm Cherry Chile Stout, you're sure to become a convert. To see the month's menu (plus a handy countdown), visit Mountain Sun's website

Planning ahead? Keep reading for future food and drink events.
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