Reader: Domino's Makes Better-Looking Pizzas Than Your Ten Best!

Danielle Lirette
This week we served up our list of Denver's Ten Best Pizza Places, and the comments that followed? You never sausage a thing! Where was Walter's? Paxti's? Frank the Pizza King? Saucy Noodle? Edgewater Inn? And that was just the start of the discussion. Says Kirk:
This list is garbage. Big Bill's is the best.
Responds Jill: 
Can't wait to start eating my way through this list!
Adds Ja: 
Most of these aren't even pizza. They do not follow the designated rules for pizza and ingredients. They're like Midwestern abortions.There are specific classifications of and for pizza adopted by the EU and Italy, traditional pizza.

Anything other than these are not pizza. What is sold in these shops may be very good, but no, they are not pizza. 
Concludes Erik: 
This article has confirmed it, Denver has shit pizza. Those all look awful. Domino's makes better-looking pizza than that. ...The pizza game is California level here. Ouch, I know.
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