Hungry? Soon you'll be able to order this at Morning Collective.
Hungry? Soon you'll be able to order this at Morning Collective.
Mark Antonation

Reader: With So Many New Spots, When Will the Denver Dining Bubble Burst?

For every restaurant that closes in Denver, it seems like two new ones open. But can Denver sustain them all? Judging from the interest in Morning Collective, opening next month at 2160 South Broadway, there's room for another good breakfast joint — but one reader has concerns that the booming dining scene is headed for a bust.

Says Gary: 

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I wonder when the bubble will burst in Denver; it's happened before. Too much building and overinflated housing. It is time for a correction. Be warned.

Dalton expressed similar concerns when Lou's Food Bar closed last month: 

It's so hard to keep top-of-mind these days. Even the good ones can't compete anymore, with all of the new and noteworthy.

Do you think Denver's dining scene is overbuilt? Do you have a tough time keeping up with all the new restaurants? What good, older spots are being overlooked?

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