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Denver's ten best plates of chicken and waffles

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10) Vegan Van Keep your eyes out for the Vegan Van, which can be spotted cruising around Denver serving up vegan cuisine -- including a plant-based, cruelty-free version of chicken and waffles that chef Amie Arias dubs "Ludacris." The Denver Seitan Company's wheat meat, Chickenesque, has a starring role, but it's the dose of Great Divide Brewing Company's Double IPA in the waffle and the shot of agave syrup on top that really sweeten the deal. 9) Tangerine, 2777 Iris Avenue, Boulder Head to Boulder for a modern twist on chicken and waffles at Tangerine, where you can enjoy brunch any day of the week. This version starts with a traditional Belgian waffle, topped with a pan-fried chicken breast scaloppine; it's served with cashew cream and pure maple syrup for a juicy, crunchy treat. 8) D Bar, 1475 East 17th Avenue If you haven't been to D Bar, you might be surprised to learn that it serves much more than dessert. And on the dinner menu, you'll find a variation of chicken and waffles called the "southernfried Belgian." This dish comes sandwich-style: a fried chicken breast stuffed between a cheesy waffle with tangy honey mustard and sweet potato fries. D-licious.
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