Denver's ten top coffee shops for work productivity

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6) Happy Coffee 1 South Broadway Happy Coffee is South Broadway's answer to a hip workspace. And whether you're looking for endless productivity or just trying to look like you are, you'll want to go for the coffee alone. The way the baristas geek out on their espresso here is unmatched -- and they'll be sure to provide the buzz you need with thoughtful service and bean education. Patrons can sit downstairs or disappear for a few hours on the upper deck. 5) Boxcar 3459 Ringsby Court Boxcar's newest outpost in TAXI, the mixed-use creative hub, emanates simplicity and fosters inspiration with a can-do attitude that all but permeates the air the second you enter. If an abundance of productivity is what you seek, you'll find it here with plenty of tables as well as a more secluded upper deck of seating, perfect for honing your inner creative genius. Boxcar Coffee is poured from a small central station, with several pastry options like homemade pop tarts and scones. If you need something more substantial, Fuel's sandwich incarnation, Refuel, is located in the same lobby. 4) St. Mark's Coffee House 2019 East 17th Avenue This beloved neighborhood coffee house is busy from the morning into the depths of the night. People deep in their studies or engaged in enlightened conversation combine for the makings of a true coffee house experience. Rotating art lines the walls, coffee, loose-leaf teas, and beer is poured, and the bakery case offers a selection of completely addictive sweets. Choose from two studious mediums: the front patio, or the comfortable interior, where the glow of laptops is enough to motivate anyone.
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