Dim sum survives Alameda Square renovation

For many, many months, things have looked dim for the two dim sum institutions at Alameda Square. Endless construction has made it difficult to even see that Super Star Asian and King's Land Seafood Restaurant are still open, and if you could manage the turn off Alameda, you still needed to dodge debris to reach a parking space.

Although the King's Land building is technically separate from the area being renovated, it's still been affected by the work -- yesterday, only a handful of tables were occupied in a dining room that would normally be packed at lunch. And while Super Star, which managed to stay put even though it's located in an area slated for rehab, was doing better, there wasn't the usual line out the door.

But now, finally, there's light at the end of the dim sum tunnel. Somehow, the two restaurants have managed to hang on through all the construction work -- and now the opening of Lowes, the first part of the long-postponed rehab of the shopping area, is just two weeks away.

Which means that this weekend could be the very best time to head over to 2200 Alameda for some dim sum. No matter what traffic rules you need to violate to reach these restaurants, your efforts will be rewarded.

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