DINR cooks up a new brand as EatDenver

Colorado produce is continuing to pour into local farmers' markets, but EatDenver is already reaping the benefits of the recent Harvest Week, when its 55 members offered special deals and meals to celebrate this state's homegrown products. And EatDenver definitely qualifies as one of those -- even though for the past three years, it has gone by a different name: DINR (for Denver Independent Network of Restaurants).

"It was kind of an ongoing debate when I first took over," says Adam Schlegel, the Snooze partner who now heads the group. "We needed to identify ourselves better as a brand."

Among the problems with the original name? "DINR's a mouthful," he admits.

DINR was also hard to explain. On the other hand, EatDenver, a name the group was already using on its website, speaks for itself. But perhaps it speaks a little too vulgarly, a few members worried.

Still, you don't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs -- and after much discussion and a branding process, DINR is now officially EatDenver. "It clearly portrays what we're doing," Schlegel says of the new name. "It's also kind of fun -- it has a bit of edge to it, which is what Denver has now. And it covers everything from Solera to Snooze, Vesta Dipping Grill to Steve's Snappin' Dogs."

Snooze is becoming quite a brand, too. The breakfast/lunch joint that got its start at 2262 Larimer Street opened its second spot at 700 Colorado Boulevard just a year ago -- but has since added a Fort Collins store, and is now planning one for the Streets of Southglenn. That spot could open as soon as November, certainly "before the holidays," Schlegel says. Construction has started, the general manager began work yesterday, and the liquor license hearing is tomorrow.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.