Dishes of DISH: Little Man Ice Cream sweetens the mix

On Sunday, September 22, DISH will dish out food and drinks from dozens of Cafe Society's favorite restaurants and trucks, as well as Best of Denver readers' winners, in the Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. And while there will be plenty of savory snacks, there will also be a variety of sweets available, including treats from Sugarlicious, The Donut Hut and Liittle Man Ice Cream, which will serve handmade ice creams and sorbets.

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The Highland mainstay (you can't miss the giant milk jug at the edge of LoHi) will be downtown dishing up such favorites as salted Oreo, chocolate (with brownies and fudge), Mexican chocolate and Space Junkie (a mix of raspberry ice cream, brownies and marshmallow swirl).

DISH runs from 1:30 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sunday 22. (VIP ticket-holders get in at noon.) For more information about Westword's annual celebration of the Denver dining scene, including how to buy tickets, visit our 2013 Westword DISH site.

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Patrick Langlois
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