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DJ Nagle, chef of Humboldt: Farm, Fish, Wine: "Respect the dishwashers"

DJ Nagle Humboldt: Farm, Fish, Wine 1700 Humboldt Street 303-813-1700

This is part two of my interview with DJ Nagle, executive chef of Humboldt: Farm, Fish, Wine; the first installment of our chat ran yesterday.

Most noteworthy meal you've ever eaten: When I was a young cook working at Indigo restaurant in San Francisco, my chef had a friend who managed Tra Vigne in Napa Valley, and he invited us to dine there. We were treated like VIPs and enjoyed at least twelve courses, including confit pork shank, quail pasta, fresh mozzarella (this was before the burrata craze) and chocolate budino. It was just an extraordinary meal and over-the-top awesome. I hope that more meals like that are in my future.

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