A ticket to fried.

Do fries come with that ticket?

It’s hard to miss the yellow envelope snuggly nestled on your car -- you can see it from down the block. But the fact is you didn’t feed the pay station machine that smugly governs the block or the insatiable meter enough cash and now you are the owner of a parking ticket.

And parking tickets suck!

So what do you do besides cuss and wonder how your day could get any worse? Take that ticket over to Spud Bros., a Boulder joint offering fries and nothing but.

They don’t know if your day will get worse, but they do know how to make it better -- by offering $1 off the big daddy in comfort foods for anyone who brings in a parking ticket on the day it’s issued.

“We noticed a lot of people getting tickets on our street,” said Mike Depaolo, manager of Spud Bros., 2010 Tenth Street, in Boulder.

More than 6,000 tickets were issued in Boulder in October and another 5,758 in September, according to the city's Parking Services division. With those numbers, the restaurant hopes to get some new customers by returning a portion of what the parking meter attendant has taken away. “A lot of people have been coming in since we started this," Depaolo says.

Spud Bros. opened about six months ago, serving three styles of fries: really fried (called "ultimate"), half-fried and half-baked (called "half-baked"), and baked; all are available in three sizes with prices ranging from $4-7. There are thirteen different sauces and twelve toppings, including garlic aioli, or even chicken and bacon you can slather on your spuds.

But remember, while feeding your face, don’t forget to feed the meter. -- Elena Brown

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