Do good when Dos Casas returns to Lola

I'm leaving for a girls weekend in New Orleans on April 30 and hoping to make it out of the Big Easy with no permanent tattoos and both kidneys, so I was trying to stay off the cocktail circuit for the rest of April. But there's that COBG contest I'm judging on April 26, and the April 29 Dos Casas event at Lola that I enjoyed so much last year.

For a wild moment, I thought that drinking tequila and gorging on Mexican delights from some of the top chefs in Denver might not be the best way to spend my last night in town. But I quickly squelched that thought, knowing that not only will I have a blast at Dos Casas, but I'll be supporting one of the most deserving, non-profit organizations in Denver: Brent's Place. This facility (www.brentsplace.org) provides a safe, clean (virtually germ-free), and healthy home away from home for young cancer patients and their families. It's like the Ronald McDonald House, but for kids who are too immune-compromised for communal living. And unlike the Ronald McDonald House, Brent's Place doesn't have the Hamburglar and a mega- corporation sending it large checks.

Instead, it has Lola GM Jen Lydiard and Big Red F executive chef Jamey Fader, who started the event at Lola last year, and are hosting it again this year: "On April 29, we will open our house for a night of cocktails, regional Mexican plates prepared by Denver's top chefs and the chance to open more doors for cancer patients; to make it possible for Brent's Place to offer their services to more children in need." 

The chefs joining in this year: Sheila Lucero, exec chef at Jax Fish House Denver; Matt Selby from Vesta Dipping Grill; Goose Sorensen from Solera; Tyler Wiard from Elway's; Troy Guard from TAG; and Sean Yontz or Mezcal.

To purchase tickets, go to www.loladenver.com and click on "The 2nd Annual Dos Casas" link on the left. See you there! 

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