Do not drink and ditch if you're at Centro

It would have been so much easier to just pay that bar tab. Instead, Robert Engles is slated to be in court in Boulder today, where he'll face charges of criminal mischief, felony menacing and defrauding-an-innkeeper.

On Saturday night, 42-year-old Engles was drinking...and drinking...at Centro Latin Kitchen, a Big Red F restaurant on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall that's known for its powerful margaritas, among other things. When an employee presented the $33 bill, Engles reportedly refused to pay and instead headed out to the mall-side patio, now enclosed in plastic, used a knife to slit right through one wall, and then skipped out.

Almost: He ran right into a metal fence on the other side.

That's where another Centro staffer nabbed him. The cops soon arrived, and hauled Engles off.

At least he got free food, if not drink, in the Boulder County Jail.

You can read a full account of the incident in this Latest Word post, where you can also see the Boulder police report. The moral of this cautionary tale: Do not drink and ditch.

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