Kelley Coffman-Lee, the vegan Centennial mom who made national headlines this month when she announced that the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles had rejected her attempts to buy a vanity license plate announcing ILVTOFU, is already a punchline.

On April 18, the "Not My Job" segment of National Public Radio's Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! featured Southern-fried chef and Food Network host Paula Deen, who hates tofu. So of course, Deen was asked three multiple-choice questions about the flavorless, odorless food -- one of them whether it was true that the Colorado DMV had refused the vanity license plate ILVTOFU because people might be confused about what, exactly, the driver was in LV with.

Deen got that one wrong.

As for Coffman-Lee, she's fallen out of LV with all the publicity. In a missive sent to the media this week, she bemoaned the fact that her message about eating healthy, global warming and being a vegan was misinterpreted. "Profanity and controversy will always get attention in this society, because we are a tribe of imbeciles," she wrote. "Earth Day: if the masses aren't completely ignoring it, they're mocking it. All of us, not just the tofu-farting, tree-hugging hippies (as I've been labeled by an insightful critic), need to learn how to live within Earth's limits. Now that we know what these limits are, now that we've seen the destruction we're capable of unleashing upon the planet that sustains us, the future of our very existence is at hand -- and in our hands...ILVTOFU because I love my family, the animals, my good health, and the planet I call home."

But Coffman-Lee may get the last laugh: The ACLU is considering making a case against the DMC's free-speech-squashing ILVTOFU ban.

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