Door 86 vegan cheese is packaged paradise

Although there are many good meat replacements on the market, a decent dairy-free cheese can be tough to come by -- and you can forget about a cheese memorable enough to pair with a glass of wine. Daphne Medina, creator of Door 86 Vegan Cheese, to the rescue. She's accomplishd the impossible, as those who sampled her wares at recent Neat Markets can attest.

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Medina makes all the cheese (and the products to create the cheese, mostly derived from cashew cream) herself by hand. "I see vegan cheese as a blank canvas of sorts, and I like to play around with interesting combinations of flavors and/or textures," she says. "Some work, some don't."

All of the cheeses in the photo above more than worked; they include vegan brie, Camembert, sharp cheddar, sriracha cheddar, blueberry Stilton, pink salt chevre, black salt chevre, stinky blue-green and raw herbed cheeses. Be warned, vegans: After so long without cheese, it can be hard not to go overboard on Medina's creations. This batch didn't last nearly as long as it should have -- particularly the raw herbed creation, which was creamy, tangy and obsession-sparking. Medina also makes vegan cream cheese, meltable spicy Jack cheese and many more.

Inspired by the speakeasy culture (the name "Door 86" is a speakeasy reference; Medina's great-uncle sold bootleg whisky and moonshine in rural Tennessee), Medina has only recently gone legit. You can order some of the cheeses on her website, http://door86.blogspot.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.