Dos Casas is sold out, but you can still enjoy Lola's house party tomorrow

Dos Casas, the fundraising dinner at Lola tomorrow night, is completely sold out. "Brent's Place, and all the great things they do to help cancer patients, is extremely near and dear to everyone at Lola, and to all the chefs who participate in this event," says Jamey Fader, the culinary director of Big Red F and Lola's founding chef. "It's our way of showing our gratitude for all of the wonderful support they give to kids coping with cancer."

But it's still possible to get in on the good times -- and some good food.

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After the dining room (and bar, and everywhere else that a Dos Casas diner can be stashed) clears out and people go home to digest that incredible meal cooked up by some of Denver's top chefs -- including Sean Yontz of El Diablo, Tyler Wiard of Elway's, Paul C. Reilly of Beast + Bottle, Brandon Biederman of Ace, Matt Selby of Corner House, Troy Guard of TAG, Goose Sorenson of Solera, Alex Seidel of Fruition, Pete Marczyk of Marczyk Fine Foods, Xan Lynch of Lola and Fader himself -- the after-party will just be starting.

At around 9:30 p.m., you'll be able to get in the door for a $5 donation. Lane/Meadows/Levy of The Congress will be playing, chef Xan Lynch will be serving up street tacos made from that pig he'll be roasting in front of the restaurant tomorrow, and "it will be one big party," promises manager Patrick Kneese.

And the party will continue until at least midnight, with more food and drink specials. Thanks to liquor sponsors, all proceeds from the sale of the special $5 cocktails will go to Brent's Place, too.

For more information, call 720-570-8686.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.