Drink of the Week

Sometimes the best way to pass the day is by drinking -- and when the sun is shining, nothing goes down smoother than a good, old-fashioned screwdriver. Hanson's Grill and Tavern, on the corner of Pearl and Louisiana in West Washington Park, is a comfy neighborhood bar, just the sort of place to spend a leisurely Sunday (or Wednesday, or Thursday...) afternoon sprawled in a booth with the newspaper. (Might we suggest this week's Westword?) And a screwdriver is just the kind of drink to sip on such a lazy day. Hanson's puts a twist on the classic cocktail ($4.50) by using Vanilla Stoli instead of plain, boring vodka, which gives it a sweet, creamsicle-like taste. When you're done with the paper (but not the screwdrivers), enjoy Hanson's TVs, bar games and solid food. The friendly staff behind the long cherry-stained bar also serves two-for-one drink specials from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, a deal that attracts Wash Park locals, University of Denver students and hooky-playing business types alike. So as the afternoon light hits Hanson's handsome, exposed-brick walls, order another round. After all, what's so important that it can't be done tomorrow?
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Julie Dunn
Contact: Julie Dunn