Drink of the Week

Back in college, a major portion of my diet consisted of neon blue, orange and red Mr. Freeze popsicles; boxes of the incandescent tubes were stacked in the freezer at all times. But I never realized that I missed Mr. Freeze's flavor until I took a sip of the Blue 67 Martini at Blue 67. Made with Kettle One vodka, blue Curaçao, lemonade and tropical juices, and served shaken and up with a cherry, one of these bright cocktails ($6) is enough to take you back to those carefree campus days. Named for the 67 varieties of martinis it serves -- everything from a classic Dirty Martini to the frou-frou Japanese Pear Martini and Chocolate Strawberry Martini -- Blue 67 is currently the LoDo lounge to hit for smooth jazz and a trendy scene. And if your budget is still at the student level, drop by during Blue 67's happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m. daily, when all martinis go for the bargain price of $3 a pop, and you might even be able to grab one of the velour booths or leather banquettes. But during prime time, this place is always standing- and drinking-room-only.
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Julie Dunn
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