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My first cocktail-waitress job was at the Bull & Bush, and even back in the day, I knew the Bull was a special place. A Cheers-like place, full of womanizers like Sam Malone, lovable losers like Norm, annoying know-it-alls like Cliff, and at least one wiseass young cocktail waitress like Carla. But it was also a classy place, because when the staff did shots out of ashtrays, the manager always made sure that we used clean ashtrays. This pub, a model of the original Bull & Bush built in 1645 near London, debuted in the heart of Glendale in 1971, and while the Denver Bull is getting up there, it still has plenty of kick. The installation of a microbrewery two years ago pumped new life into the animal; it now pumps out award-winning brews. The bar also boasts over 110 kinds of Scotch -- including a 1940 Glenlivet ($100 a shot, ideally out of a Tiffany ashtray) distilled during World War II; a 1982 Dallas Dhu ($9); a 1968 Glenfarclas ($20); and pretty much any other Glen you can think of. But even better than snorting my way through a barnyard full of Scotch was discovering that the Bull has a brew that tastes like a great bourbon. And my new all-time favorite beer, the Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout ($3.50), not only tastes like bourbon, it tastes nothing like beer -- an added bonus. This brew is so potent -- it's 12 percent alcohol by volume -- that it's served not in a pilsner glass, not in a pint glass, but in a snifter. Bull's-eye!
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Nancy Levine
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