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The Campus Lounge, affectionately referred to by regulars as "The Pus," oozes character. Years ago, when I lived only a few blocks away, the gaggle of guys who occupied the house next door would yell over the fence almost nightly, "Levine, ya wanna go to the Pus?" On one such night, after way too many beers, neighbor Carl asked a bunch of drunks at the bar back to the hot tub. As if she were in an episode of The Real World, an extremely inebriated woman stripped off every piece of clothing, sat on the side of the tub -- and then fell headfirst into a huge mud pit. After that, we'd make every outing to the Pus a scouting mission for the muddy naked chick. It was like searching for Sasquatch. When I finally returned to the Campus Lounge after years away, I didn't see Mud Girl, but I did find plenty of what I'd always enjoyed at this bar -- a friendly staff, excellent Americanized Mexican food (lots of orange cheese), cheap drinks and some of the worst margaritas in Denver. Being older and wiser, I asked the bartender for a new drink, and he was only too happy to oblige with a Vodka Cranberry Lemonade ($5.50), made with Ketel One Citroen, lemonade and a splash of cranberry. I'd rather immerse myself in one of these than a hot tub any night.
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Nancy Levine
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