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Drinking Made Easy party at the Woodcellar got a late start

Last night, the Denver episode of Drinking Made Easy premiered on HDNet; Govnr's Park and the Woodcellar Bar and Grill, which were both featured, held watch parties to celebrate. And although everyone at the Woodcellar was in high spirits, there was no mention of the episode -- and no airing of it, either; the Avs game was the main focus on the Woodcellar's several televisions.

The Drinking Made Easy website describes the Woodcellar thusly:

Located in Evergreen, about 40 miles outside of Denver is The Woodcellar Bar & Grill. The first bar in Colorado to install self-service beer taps, a system whereby patrons can pour their own draft beer at their table, owner Tabor Cowden has created a place that not only serves great beer, cocktails and food, but also caters to both a family and night-dwelling crowd. Some of their unique offerings include the Rocky Mountain Martini which is made with house-made bacon-infused vodka and garnished with a Rocky Mountain Oyster (i.e. fried bull testicle), and the "Shotski", a snow ski mounted with 3 pint glasses for 3 patrons to simultaneously drink its contents.

There were people taking advantage of the self-service Draft Master beer taps mentioned -- it's a great concept, with three different brews available right there at one of two Woodcellar tables. But we didn't see anyone break out the Shotski, nor did we glimpse any partakers of the Rocky Mountain Martini.

In short, it was just like another night out at the local tavern -- but with an extra excuse to celebrate: This bar is now famous! (Kind of.)

Update: Apparently, we didn't stay long enough to get to the good stuff -- although the party officially started early in the evening (we arrived at 6 p.m.), because the Woodcellar uses DirecTV, the episode aired in the bar starting at 8:30 p.m. instead of at 6:30.

Owner Tabor Cowden says he made so many Rocky Mountain Martinis that he ran out of Rocky Mountain oysters to use as garnish (at least 25 were sold). Once the episode hit the airwaves, "You couldn't even move in there," he says. "It was all good."

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