Drug bust outside Elway's -- and it wasn't botox

At Elway's, the usual drug of choice is botox.

But on June 1, it was ecstasy. That's the night that Marcus Long took his girlfriend to dinner at the Cherry Creek restaurant. Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, Jamie Medina was allegedly selling ecstasy out of Long's car -- to an undercover cop.

According to a search warrant for the car, Long was in the parking lot when the cops made their arrest of Medina, and he rushed back into the restaurant -- where he was soon cuffed. Long claimed to have no idea what was going on, but the keys in his pocket matched the car whence the ecstasy had come, and the cops also pointed to several suspicious phone calls and texts between Medina and Long.

Long's girlfriend told police that after Long came back into the restaurant from the parking lot, he'd told her they had to leave immediately. He seemed very frantic, she said.

Long, who's been charged with several drug-related offenses in connection with this incident and already has a lengthy criminal history, posted a $75,000 bond. His next day in court is set for July 2.

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