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Duncan Hines gets a black mark for putting cupcakes in blackface

Cupcakes were the dessert trend a couple of years ago. But now? They're racist. At least, that's the claim that some people made after viewing the "Hip Hop Cupcakes" ad for Duncan Hines' Amazing Glazes chocolate syrup.

The company pulled the ad -- initially posted in November -- after it garnered 19,000 views and complaints that the cupcakes looked entirely too much like minstrel-style blackface.

The ad features a set of vanilla cupcakes that are then topped with a squeeze from a microwaved bottle of stereotype sauce. Once the chocolate hits them, the cupcakes grow animated lips and eyes. The cupcakes hum a little tune, but at no point do they spit any rhymes -- which makes them decidedly non-hip-hop.

Duncan Hines reportedly sent an e-mail statement claiming its intent was solely to entertain fans. Too bad its intent wasn't to employ someone in marketing who'd recognize that labeling something as "Hip Hop" and then dressing it in what appears to be blackface could be offensive.

Take a look for yourself: The song and dance that has Duncan Hines in hot water.

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