During finals week, Auraria's java joints get extra credit

This is finals week on the 45,000-student Auraria Campus, which means there could be a big run on coffee in the area. "I don't like finals," says Metropolitan University of Denver student Mathew McKenzie. "They are time-consuming because of all the studying. I will drink tons of coffee during finals week, because it gives me a boost in the morning and it tastes amazing."

Fellow MSU Denver scholar Mathew Wyatt agrees with McKenzies's take on finals: "They are tiring because of all the studying I have to do." But Wyatt focuses on a different liquid asset when he's studying: "I don't drink coffee or tea, but I prefer a steamer with caramel and peppermint, which gives me a boost I need."

Nearby coffee spots -- including Einstein's Bros. Bagels, Confluence Café and Starbucks -- are prepared to deliver that boost. Metro freshman Michael J. Tybon favors the Starbucks a few minutes away in Larimer Square. "It's the labeling," he says. "People choose Starbucks over anything else just because of the name Starbucks."

"We will be ready for customers to come into our stores during college finals week, and we look forward to welcoming students into our stores as they study and prepare," says Courtney, an employee at the Starbucks at 1408 Larimer Street.

McKenzie opts for the on-campus Confluence Cafe. "I won't go to Starbucks or Einstein's because it's too expensive," he says. "I will only go if someone buys it for me, but I prefer the café."

Because the Confluence Cafe is located in the Auraria library, "We have had a pretty steady flow all year," says owner Jason Christly. "However, we stay pretty consisted through finals. If I was a student, I would go to the mom-and-pop shops and study."

The Einstein's at 906 Curtis Street is also right on campus. "They have bagels and sandwiches. That's why I go there," says former Metro student Dennis Vallejo. But the spot will be brewing up plenty of coffee over the next few days. "We hope that our sales will increase during finals week," says Einstein's Cassandra Balbosa.

Around the world, tea is actually more popular than coffee -- coming in second to water. Starbucks hopes to cash in on that with Teavana Oprah Chai Tea, "which was personally developed by Oprah Winfrey in close collaboration with Teavana's leading teaologists," Courtney says. The new beverage just launched last week in select Starbucks and Teavana stores, including the Larimer Square Starbucks, which is counting on students to give it a passing grade this week.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.