Dylan Moore's Deluxe Burger opens on Valentine's Day with lotsa hunka, hunka burger love

As we reported in this space a few weeks ago, Deluxe Burger is opening on Sunday, February 14, otherwise known as breakup Valentine's Day. It'll be the third member in a colony of restaurants and bars from chef Dylan Moore, who also owns Deluxe and Delite on Broadway.

Moore, along with his business partners, Mod Livin' owners Jill and Erick Roodra, whose eclectic furniture boutique is located directly next door to Deluxe Burger (they'll share an entrance), have set out "to re-define love...in a bun." Which is why the trio chose the day of Cupid to start slinging beef. "Why not? It is, after all, a marriage made in heaven," explains Jill. "We're hoping that once people get a taste of Dylan's offerings, they'll feel the love, tell their friends and come back for more."

More Moore, as the case may be.

Moore's menu will feature Black Angus beef burgers, coupled with chicken, tuna and falafel burgers, soups, salads, a trifecta of tubers -- fresh thyme and garlic fries; truffle and Parmesan fries; and sweet potato chips -- and milkshakes.

Deluxe Burger, located at 5325 East Colfax Avenue, will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. On Valentine's Day, Moore plans to offer buy one, get one free burgers from open to close. That's called sharing the love.

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