Dylan Moore's Deluxe Burger will close on Sunday

First the Deluxe food truck, the Little Orange Rocket, drops off the curb, and now Deluxe Burger, the cow palace that Dylan Moore, the chef/owner of Deluxe and Delite, opened last year on Valentine's Day, is going dark.

"You know, it just got to the point where I knew I had to focus on Deluxe and Delite -- those are my babies," says Moore, whose business partner, Jill Warner -- she's also the owner of Mod Livin' next door -- plans to rent the space to another restaurateur.

"I used to have a chef and a sous at Deluxe and Delite, but both restaurants -- not to mention South Broadway -- are going crazy right now, and I'm in the kitchen all the time, and it was just too much for me to do so many projects, plus Jill is really busy with her store and her online furniture business," he continues.

"I'm bummed," he adds, "because I loved the burger joint, and it's a really cool space, but I'm actually taking it better than I thought I would -- and when it comes to everything else, I'm happy and in a good place, despite the fact that I'm swamped."

Deluxe Burger will close on Sunday, after, says Moore, "we've burned out all the food" -- probably around 9 p.m. "If you happened to have bought a Deluxe Burger t-shirt in the last year or so, it'll be a collector's item by Monday morning," he quips.

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