Dylan Moore's Deluxe Street Food truck will start wheeling around Denver within the month

Just got off the horn with Dylan Moore, who was out of breath. "I'm taking all the wrapping off the new truck," he panted.

Moore, the owner of Deluxe, Delite and Deluxe Burger, just got himself a new present, namely a "cool, old van with a kitchen inside" that he plans to strut later this month in Denver when he dislodges the Deluxe Street Food truck. "I can't even tell you how excited I am. I mean, a lot of this is experimental and I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but me and my partners at Deluxe Burger are crazy, and we were like, let's do this, so we did," rationalizes Moore.

The van, currently inked with the name "Pam's Pantry," is about to undergo a transformation that includes "bright orange paint and white graphics," says Moore, who just bought the truck last night. "I looked at about 30 different trucks and was just about ready to head to Arizona and pick one up, when this one became available," he explained.

When the truck starts wheeling around a curb near you later this month, it'll dispense "street food from around the world," according to Moore. "We're going to do a bunch of things -- most of it served in cones." Things like ceviche, crispy tacos al pastor, tuna tartare in wonton cups, fries, burgers, and, says Moore, "a twist on the gyro with houseground seasoned lamb on "truck" bread with tzatziki sauce, plus sliders, a Vietnamese bánh mì and house-smoked pork with coleslaw."

Moore says that the truck will motor all around town, including Washington Park, Broadway and LoDo. "The great thing about this, is that if we're at a spot that isn't working, we can move, and it's definitely a cheap way to open a new restaurant." Speaking of restaurants, Moore says he's also scouting locations to open a second Deluxe Burger. "I know, we're completely crazy."

First, though, Moore wants to get the truck off and wheeling. He'll start off doing lunches during the week, with plans to expand the truck's hours to the weekend and late night. "We're really hoping to roll within a month -- that's our goal -- but we'll get there when we get there."

We'll be waiting.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.