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Ears are good eating: Coppers called for felony choppers

In Lincoln, Nebraska, there are numerous homegrown items to sink your teeth into, including steak, pork and corn. Anna Godfrey has now put another item on the menu: human ears.

According to this report, Lincoln's finest were called to a local hospital after receiving a report that a patient was missing a piece of an ear. The injured man told them that he was at a birthday party, where he'd been bitten by another reveler.

The officers took his statement, then proceeded to the party house, where they found that the injured man had been arguing with other party-goers, and during the melee had told one Anna Godfrey that she was "fat."

That's when all hell broke loose. Godfrey proceeded to channel her inner football thigh and tackled the fellow, then bit a chunk of the guy's ear off. The chunk is still missing.

Godfrey is not: She was arrested for felony assault.

Remember, when in Nebraska, keep your consumption to ears of corn.

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