East Angels Drink for a Cause on Colfax

They spent their high school years taking classes off Colfax Avenue, watching its endless parade of people and eating at its restaurants, and on Saturday, about 125 East High School alumni gathered at 5 p.m. at Senger’s on the Fax for the second annual Angels on Colfax pub crawl.

And crawl was the right word, especially by the time some of the alums reached PS Lounge -- the seventh and final drinking establishment on the list -- six or seven hours later.

But in between, graduates from 1967, 1987, 2004 (sorry ‘07s, you not old enough to drink, legally) and many other years mingled, chatted and did shots at Rockbar, Annie’s, Mezcal, Goosetown Tavern and Atomic Cowboy, all while raising money for the East High Angel Foundation, which supports students, programs and the physical structure at East. It was an awesome crowd and an awesome time along a revitalized stretch of the street.

Lots of school spirit!

The bartender at Rockbar was equal parts surprised and pleased to see 100-plus people, many in matching red Angel t-shirts, file through the door at an hour that is typically slow. While at Annie’s, which just moved from its longtime spot on 8th Avenue to Colfax earlier this month, diners and the wait staff was somewhat shaken, if not stirred by the influx.

But the folks at Annie’s took it well, even creating and serving special drinks for the alums, including the East High Angel Kiss, which involved raspberries, and the Dark Angel.

And why not? After all:

What do you do with an Angel you meet? You get down on your knees, you can’t pray on your feet. Ask a mighty Angel for some mercy to give. And maybe just maybe, she’ll let you live.

Or something like that. – Jonathan Shikes

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.