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Eat up, kids! Eco-Burger's new happy hour is just for you

Proving that happy hour isn't just for lushes, drunks on a budget, cougars or socialites, Eco-Burger, the Cherry Creek beef barn at 2817 East Third Avenue is rolling out an after-school kids' happy hour.

"With the change from Soleil to Eco-Burger, we've seen a dramatic demographic shift in our clientele, including families with young children who are coming in because they believe in the health benefits of grass-fed beef and the general environmentally aware concept of Eco-Burger," says Bekah Donovan Pellegrin, who, along with her husband, David, closed Soleil Mediterranean Grill in March of this year and reopened the space as Eco-Burger in early June.

The kids' happy hour, which runs Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m., offers two options for the under-twelve set: a 25 percent discount off all menu items; or a mini burger, mini black bean burger or half an organic grilled cheese, plus a kids' order of fries and choice of beverage (Horizon organic plain or chocolate milk, juice or Oogave organic soda) for $5.75, plus a 25 percent discount. "It's an exciting addition at Eco-Burger, and to my knowledge, I think we're the first in Denver to offer happy hour for children," says Bekah.

Eat up, kids.

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Lori Midson
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