Eden is a retreat for plant-eaters and carnivores alike

The venue formerly known as Swallows has kept its Pride-friendly vibe but polished up the kitchen and the decor as Eden. Chef Ching-yuan Hu has created a weekend brunch spread -- with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options -- that fills the dining room, but the dinner menu is also a testament to everything that's good about this garden of eatin'.

Pictured above are the tofu tacos (also available with portabello instead of tofu) made with guacamole and other fresh fixings. The taco sauce and warm corn tortillas were fantastic together -- and vegan cheese is available, too.

The fire-roasted eggplant salsa, served with crisp corn chips and fresh guacamole, was an ideal starter for the taco plate; the smoky tang of the eggplant blended beautifully with the tomato in the salsa. The vegan quinoa sliders come with vegan aioli and pickled cucumber on a vegan bun; you can also order them on a bed of greens for a gluten-free option.

There are many more vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options on Eden's menu; call 303-832-5482 for more information.

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