El Cuscatleco closes and makes way for a new restaurant: Las Islitas

El Cuscatleco

was always a bit odd. The Salvadoran joint, plunked down on a corner in a dilapidated small mall on South Federal, turned out some interesting dishes, but in the multiple years that it stood, the dining room always felt incomplete and sterile, and the staff -- when you could catch their attention -- weren't particularly attentive. There was always that uneasy feeling that it was on the brink of shuttering.

And while I was cruising down Federal earlier this week, I noticed that it had, indeed, closed. But there's life on the horizon: Las Islitas, a Mexican restaurant that focuses on seafood, has taken over the space and while it has yet to unlock the doors, there's bright signage on the facade and papers plastered to the door with block lettering announcing that it will open soon.

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