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Elevation Beer is prostrate over Prostator, a beer name nearly rejected by the feds

"The Pen-Is Mightier."

That was my suggestion for what Elevation Beer Company in Poncha Springs should have renamed the smoked dopplebock it's making this fall for Pints for Prostates, a nonprofit organization that raises money with beer to help fight prostate cancer, after the federal government rejected the brewery's first proposal, Prostator.

"The TTB believes the name violates prohibitions about making health claims. Evidently, the Feds feel 'Prostator' sounds like it has medicinal qualities," Pints for Prostates posted on its website earlier this week. "The TTB appears unaware of the German tradition of adding the suffix 'ator' to doppelbocks. Brands such as Optimator, Salvator, Maximator, Kulminator, Triumphator and Celebrator are just a few examples."

But it looks like Elevation will get to keep the name after all.

On Friday, just a couple days after Elevation and Pints for Prostates held a contest to rename the beer, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau changed its mind -- as long as the brewery adds a small disclaimer to the bottom of the label: Provides no medical benefit to the prostate.

Now you tell us!

Elevation will serve the beer, in conjunction with the Rare Beer of the Month Club, at an annual fundraiser on October 12 in Denver during the Great American Beer Festival. Here's some more info on the beer:

The 7 percent alcohol by volume Bamberg-style smoked dopplebock is not only slated to be poured at the Denver Rare Beer Tasting, it will be will be featured as part of the Rare Beer of the Month Club and served at Elevation Beer's tasting room on Oct. 27 when they host a Pints for Prostates awareness event. Elevation is brewing the beer to create awareness and raise funds to support the mission of Pints for Prostates, which reaches men through the universal language with an important health message.

Once we have a name, the limited edition beer label will feature a blue ribbon to remind people of the ongoing search for a cure to prostate cancer, a leading cause of death among American men. A donation from every 750 milliliter bottle of Elevation's special Smoked Doppelbock sold will be made to Pints for Prostates.

"This is a rare beer that will help us deliver an important message. Pints for Prostates is all about getting men to take charge of their health and get screened for prostate cancer," said Rick Lyke, a prostate cancer survivor who founded Pints for Prostates after successful prostate cancer surgery in April 2008. "Elevation Beer Co. and The Rare Beer Club™ teaming up for this project will catch the attention of men needing to hear our message."

This is the third year The Rare Beer Club™ has partnered with Pints for Prostates. Each featured beer has been unique and an extremely limited release. As part of the club shipments in October a special Pints for Prostates coaster will be included to remind men to about the importance of screening and early detection.

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