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Elitch Gardens wants to thrill patrons with two specialty Wynkoop beers

Amusement park lovers are going to find a few thrills this summer when it comes to the beer selection at Elitch Gardens -- something that hasn't always been true in the past. Beginning tomorrow, Elitch's will be pouring two beers that Wynkoop Brewing made just for the park: Elitch Gardens Orchard Wheat, a 4.8 percent ABV unfiltered wheat made with German Saphir hops, kafir lime leaf and natural peach flavor; and Elitch Gardens Fire Roasted Amber, a spicier version of Patty's Chile Beer that's made with Anaheim, ancho and smoked Serrano peppers that were roasted by the brewery. "We really wanted to connect with a different age group at the park and cater to more guests who enjoy quality craft beers," says park spokesman Erica Boniface. "The craft beer culture is a big part of the state and we want to be part of it." Elitch Gardens only began carrying craft beer selections last year when it opened the Blue Moon Beer Garden; the two Wynkoop beers will be available there, and at J.M. Mulvihill's Bar & Grill and Rustler's Food Court beginning at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

The park approached the Wynkoop, Boniface says, because "it's the first microbrewery and brewpub in Denver and we feel they bring credibility to our beer selection."

"It's a partnership that benefits both of us and both properties are big parts of the LoDo experience and history," she adds.

Wynkoop head brewer Andy Brown says the goal was "to create unique beers that were exciting to the park's craft beer fans, but fitting for adventurous mainstream drinkers."

The beers are also available at the Wynkoop.

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