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Elway's Tyler Wiard gets booted from Top Chef Seattle...or does he?

On last night's season five episode of Top Chef Seattle, Tyler Wiard (nickname T-bone), the culinary director of Elway's -- and the exec chef of Elway's Cherry Creek -- is sent packing, along with fellow chef Chris "CJ" Jacobsen, the two of whom were bludgeoned by judges Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi, Hugh Acheson and Tom Colicchio for their pork burger, served on a crumpet, and topped with fried pickles. The verdict? "Underwhelming and soggy," scolded Colicchio. "Your crumpet disintegrated," echoed Achenson, before again chastising Jacobsen, who decided it would be a good idea to dump all over a fellow contestant's dessert...that he never tasted. "Your burger was worse," admonished Achenson. Colicchio, for his part, told Wiard that he had become "complacent" -- that he "folded."

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