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Empanada Grill makes it a trifecta with its newest location on East Colfax

I never went to the joint on East Colfax simply called "Mexican Grill," but when Ramon Campos, who runs the original Empanada Express Grill in Golden, as well as a second outpost in the Berkeley Park neighborhood, opens his third Venezuelan restaurant -- another Empanada Grill -- in early October at 4122 East Colfax, I'll likely be first in line for his empanadas, fried plantains, cachapas and arepas.

The space, currently undergoing a mini makeover and new paint job, will seat fifty -- far more than either the Golden or Berkeley Park quarters -- and push the same menu, along with a few new plates, says Campos. "Everything will be pretty much the same, but I think we may try and add a couple more dishes, especially since we have a bit more room here," he says.

Campos notes, too, that he'll think about applying for a liquor license in the future, although neither the Golden nor Berkeley locations pour alcohol, which doesn't seem to deter his loyalists. "We'll see what happens, but getting this place open is our first priority, and the other locations seem to do fine without a liquor license," he says.

Campos, who takes his time with opening projects, hopes to start feeding the East Colfax fray by the second week in October; he'll be open lunch and dinner seven days a week.

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Lori Midson
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