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Exclusive first look: Frank Bonanno's Vesper Lounge opens tonight

Those of you who insisted that Frank Bonanno would turn the former Lancer Lounge into an "over-hyped concept" -- which is what at least one person claimed when we broke the news that Bonanno would be taking over the evicted bar wedged between two of his restaurants -- will likely eat your words.

In fact, Bonanno, who's opening Vesper Lounge tonight at 4 p.m., didn't do a whole lot to the iconic bar previously owned by Becky Conda, who, sadly, passed away a few weeks ago, less than a month after the Lancer shuttered. Bonanno and his wife, Jacqueline, cleaned the joint up, slapping on a new coat of paint, exposing the hardwood and art-deco floors buried beneath the old carpeting, installing booths that were procured from Ambria, which closed a few months ago, and adding a few groovy conversation piece elements -- prayer candles whimsically glittered and stickered with everyone from John Hickenlooper to John Belushi, old-fashioned wine bottles exposing small Day of the Dead figures poking out of the cut glass, and a table arcade that boasts more than sixty retro games.

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