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Exclusive first look: Humboldt Farm. Fish. Wine. opens tomorrow in Uptown

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Nagle and Gately will also create a separate "fresh" menu with starters, oysters, simply grilled fish, vegetables and side sauces, and they'll do a daily happy hour menu, too -- a happy hour, says Huggard, that will be "over-the-top impressive." Happy-hour pricing will start at just a dollar per dish, and the most expensive plate will top out at $8. "We'll have the best happy hour in Denver," insists Huggard.

In a few weeks, Humboldt will start serving brunch, along with bottomless bubbles for $15 per person. "The plan is to pour Bellini cocktails, mimosas and champagne with different juices, like ruby red grapefruit juice," says Huggard. And by next spring, the existing street-side patio will have a raised deck and lounge seating. "It's a see-and-be-seen, urban patio that's already awesome, and by next spring, once we raise it and add new furniture, it's going to really, really cool with lots of good energy," adds Huggard.

"This is really a team effort," says Huggard, "and we're focusing on the whole experience, which is the true meaning of hospitality. We're striving for the pursuit of excellence in everything -- food, wine, cocktails and service -- and it really does feel good in here. There's a high degree of energy, and we want to bring a memorable experience to everyone who walks through the door."

Beginning tomorrow, Humboldt will be open for lunch and dinner daily, and happy hour will run from 3 to 6 p.m. I got a sneak peek at the space late last week, and sampled several of the dishes over the weekend. Here's a first look of what you'll see.

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