Excuse me while I get corny

I just stumbled upon what could be the most American thing on earth: National Corn Dog Day, the culmination of 233 years of freedom, justice and liberty. And it coincides (on purpose) every year with the first Saturday of the NCAA men's basketball tourney.

National Corn Dog Day was started seventeen years ago by two Oregon men, who were looking for the sustenance necessary for a back-to-back-to-back-to-back basketball-watching experience. It has since evolved to an event sponsored by companies like Jones Soda and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

While I'm sure it's acceptable to enjoy a hot dog enveloped in batter in the privacy of your own home on March 21, the official website lists various corn dog parties around Colorado, including Denver. And if you want to set up your own, a handy checklist is provided:

TV with cable or satellite
An oven or microwave
One or more couches, beanbags, or other comfortable seating
A bunch of corn dogs (Foster Farms recommended)
A bunch of tater tots
A bunch of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (in a can) and/or Jones Soda
Plain yellow mustard and ketchup
NCD 2009 tally sheet - to keep tabs on your participant's stats

So get yourself a PBR, a dog of corn and a comfortable spot to watch some basketball this Saturday. It's the patriotic thing to do.

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